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Watch the NBR trailer! Airing on Speed June 9th 9PM

Most of the bike footage came from my bike!

Come Join the Fun! NBR:Peru Launch Party May 30th

The Bike in Parc Ferme

Photo by C Vestal.  from Here:

included so you can see what other kinds of hardware are in attendance.

A Humongous Thank You!

Thanks so much to Mike Cerce, the creative director at Downs Creative in New Stanton, PA!  He was the genius behind the BC2Dakar logo that helped spawn awesome schwag and decals that will undoubtedly be found on many dual sport bikes and their riders across the world for years to come.

Check out the pics below that were taken before scrutineering to see Mike’s work in action.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pics Before Scrutineering

Thanks to Ted (aka Deadly99) for these pics he posted on the advrider forum:


Scrutineering A-OK

Bill has made it through scrutineering…more details to follow.

Bill Talking About His Bike and Such.

Watch til the end!

Thanks Ian!

A Taste of Dakar

Rally Bike Shakedown

Sneak Peak Shots of the Bike

These are the same photos I posted on Advrider.  Take a gander!  I snapped these before Bill took off this morning 🙂