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2018 Dakar #105

Dakar race numbers published today, lucky 105! This is not only my race number but also my starting position on day one. A little further up the list than in 2012.

Dakar Race #

Dakar Training

Dakar 2018 training became real the end of July with the official acceptance letter from the ASO. It’s tough keeping up a good training regimen with an irregular work schedule and extensive travel a part of it. To keep myself motivated and have some personal accountability I started logging some of what I have been doing. A few stats as of October 30th:

I’ve run 93.8 miles, swam over 4600 yards, rowed 11,021 meters, climbed 18.5 miles of stairs, cycled 568.9 miles and have done 10,315 push-ups.

Still a long way to go but progress is being made…

Dakar 2018 Route

BC2Dakar 2018

Thanks to my good friend Angelo “Woolfey” Vlcek, I have teamed up with him and Team Klymciw Racing to compete in the Dakar 2018 40th Edition!

Acceptance letter form the ASO.