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Shorts Weather

Bill, Ned and Jonah all wore shorts for the Ceremonial Start.  Here’s a quick pic of Bill in the red jacket.

Early Morning Update

As posted on ADVrider by Bill:

“Easy day today, organize our gear so the guys can load the truck. Organization briefing at 12:45, official competitors group photo then pick up the bikes and off to the ceremonial podium start. Follow up with a parade a long the coast then return to parc ferme. Should get road book sometime during the day.”


A Humongous Thank You!

Thanks so much to Mike Cerce, the creative director at Downs Creative in New Stanton, PA!  He was the genius behind the BC2Dakar logo that helped spawn awesome schwag and decals that will undoubtedly be found on many dual sport bikes and their riders across the world for years to come.

Check out the pics below that were taken before scrutineering to see Mike’s work in action.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pics Before Scrutineering

Thanks to Ted (aka Deadly99) for these pics he posted on the advrider forum:


Scrutineering A-OK

Bill has made it through scrutineering…more details to follow.

Go Get ‘Em From the Wongers!

Thanks for the pics Cathy!

Bill Talking About His Bike and Such.

Watch til the end!

Thanks Ian!

New Workshirts!!


Now you can have a work shirt just like Bill.  We are offering three different colors: tan, light gray and dark gray.  They all look really nice and wash up well.  Please note that they run a bit larger than the t-shirts (Bill wears a Medium and I can fit a Small).  They are for sale now in the schwag store but won’t be produced until after the race.  We are taking orders until 1/20/12.  At that point we will get them made and ship them out!

Schwag Store

With all of the traveling and holidays this is the best way we know how to offer these awesome shirts to everyone.  Take a look and please let me know if you have any questions.




Better Late Than Never!

Thanks to Curt and for sponsoring BC2Dakar! You can click on our sponsors page and click on his logo to check out his page or just click below!

Sneak Peak Shots of the Bike

These are the same photos I posted on Advrider.  Take a gander!  I snapped these before Bill took off this morning 🙂