No Stage 3 for Bill

I just talked Bill on the phone and he is fine.  He had some major bike problems yesterday and thought he would be able to change out the engine but the ASO was already there packing his bags and finding him a flight home.  He is definitely bummed and I couldn’t get any more details from him.  Hopefully I will be able to talk to him tonight when they reach San Juan, Argentina.  He is planning on flying back down to Lima with me to see the finish.

11 responses to “No Stage 3 for Bill

  • Curt Gran

    We’re all very glad to here that he is ok and safe. I know how hugely disappointing it is to be out in the early stages. Just to make it there is a huge accomplishment and here’s to hoping for a sweet return.

    – Curt

  • Tee Dub

    Very bummed for you Bill, but you gave it your best shot. Very glad to hear that you are ok. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. See you soon.

  • Steve

    Keep your head up Bill – you have done something truly amazing and I am sure you will be back given your competitive spirit! Glad to hear you are safe (these blogs really helped me understanding how rough it is down there). Safe travels back home and I am looking forward to catching up when you are home and settled.

    Again, congratulations on such as strong showing at such a big time event!

    – Steve

  • Shawn Nordlund

    So sorry Bill…. One just never knows how the wheel will turn….. Safe travels…

  • Blane Kamp

    Hey Bill glad to hear you were out there and running. There’s not much you can do with extreme mechanical failures. I hope you are able to give it a try next year. With any luck Paul and I may be able to come down and cheer you on. Take care and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

    Blane Kamp
    BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids

  • Jeanae and John

    There are no words that can take away your disappointment. You know how proud we all are of you and how much you have changed each of our lives. For us, your training and encouragement. But at a time like this…that doesn’t help much…hopefully you can come back in a couple of weeks and read this again. Then, we all hope you can see that even though your experience was short (this year) you have inspired many people, even if to perhaps just try something out of our comfort zone.

  • cathy conger

    Hi Bill,

    We were so worried for you yesterday – so glad to hear you’re safe!
    It’s been great to see all the support you have on adventure rider and here.
    We know you did your best and are so bummed the Dakar is over for you this year. Talk to you when you get home
    the Wongers

  • owen

    Ive been following your progress and indeed the race and you have encouraged me to do my first race at the age of 33.
    You did good Bill, you made this years Dakar more exciting for me. Glad your ok and I hope to see you give it your all next year.

  • Dennis Brawner

    Glad to see you are ok, sorry you DNF.

  • Grammy

    We are so proud of you Billy, I feel your pain and disappointment, but it is really like learning to walk, run and ride….trial and error….and you gave it your all….what a thrill just to have been accepted into this race. I am happy that you are safe. Love, Mother and Paul

  • Mike Rafferty

    No tears here, Bill — how amazing is it that you actually were IN the race??? Sorry your ride was cut short, or course, but still…for those of us who now actually know someone who was in the race, what you did was huge and we are proud to know you.

    Congratulations, and we have a spare bunk if you ever make it down to Santiago.

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