The Dakar Ends Here

From Tim Morton on FB:

Our Husky is out. Lack of oil & water after hole in case and water pump ripped off. Bill arrived (healthy but beyond tired) into camp at 4AM, his bike still in dunes (will be picked up by helicopter today).
Niles, Jonah, and I stayed up to about 1AM waiting for him and ready to swap his engine if needed. Niles fell asleep in a chair, Jonah grabbed a tent, I figured the dirty & oily shop mat was good enough. Woke up at 5 and there’s Bill in his gear asleep in the dirt.”

6 responses to “The Dakar Ends Here

  • czechsix

    That sucks, but it was a great try. Next year!

  • Nelson Wiegman

    Glad you are okay. Thank you for being there, allowing so many to vicariously travel with you and feel a part of the Dakar. You made us proud. Safe journey home.


  • Jim Millard

    Sorry to hear you’re out so soon Bill. I know you worked your butt off to get there and that a mechanical was what you were fearing most. I have a feeling you were fearing that because you weren’t sure if the bike was built well enough to handle you’re awesome riding prowess lol. But seriously, I know a lot of time, effort and money goes into this gig and its a shame that it had to end like this. Hopefully you managed to get it accomplished in a manner that will afford you the opportunity to compete again next year.
    All the best.


  • peter

    …hmmm brutal dakr!- sorry for you! good luck 4 next year!!

  • Mark Brantley

    We know it is all about competing with our selfs. When you did your best that”s all that counts.I am glad you are well. Hope you race again next year!
    Mark Brantley

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