Heavy Reminder

Although Bill smoked the stage like a true champion, there was a sad reminder that accidents can happen anywhere, and anytime.

Buenos Aires, January 1 (NA) – Argentine rider Jorge Martinez Boero (#175) motorcycle this afternoon in Necochea died as a result of the serious injuries sustained in an accident while strongly disputed the first stage of Dakar Rally 2012. The pilot had a serious accident and suffered a chest injury and had to be rushed into a helicópero.
The worst news of this kind of competition where the risk is always latent.
It was the second time Boero Martinez participated in the Dakar, with much effort.
The latest victim was in the 2010 edition when he died a Frenchman, in Argentina.
In 2010 there was also a death, but a spectator, Cordoba and last year a driver who collided with a truck in the Dakar, in Catamarca

Very sad news, and our hearts go out to friends and family.

Bill’s pace in the first stage showed him pulling through the 57 kilometers of beach at an average of about 43 miles per hour. Thats FLYING for us regular folks, but a good safe pace for finishing. Ride more safely than ever, bud!


It appears that instead of thoracic trauma, Jorge crashed 55kms into the 57km special stage (basically a mile from the end) and suffered a heart attack following his fall. He was 38 years old.  He was reached within 5 five minutes by the race medical team, who tried in vain to resuscitate him in the helicopter on the way to the hospital.

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