Scrutineering complete

After spending the day going through wiring and a few changes recommended by Jonah the bike was ready to go. Jumped on the bike and headed out. Felt great to be riding, always a peaceful feeling. Stopped at the gas station to top off tanks and the peaceful feeling quickly turned. Filling the the second tank, which is slightly higher than the stock tank, gas started pouring on the ground. The thought of my bike going up in flames before even taking the start crossed my mind. First thought was a fuel line came loose. Stock gas cap wasn’t seated properly, easy fix but messy until the tanks equalized. Pretty embarrassing as people pulled up to take pictures when I rolled into the station.

Drama over, I made my way to admin checks. Traffic was heavy and came to a standstill the closer i got. Thank goodness for the slack traffic rules. No stop signs, lane splitting, passing on the right, left and in the on coming lane, whatever it took I wasn’t going to be late. One thing I noticed is no right on red, very few lights but no one did it… but me. Kind of funny considering there are very few traffic rules anyone follows. As I said I wasn’t going to be late.

Admin checks took a while but actual bike tech was quick and easy.

Bike parked as I go to admin check.


They had a large tent set up with a lounge and booths for each check.


Made through, got my golden ticket (wristband). Without this I can’t get in anywhere. Even has a micro chip to keep people honest.


Now the bikes turn. A few simple checks, mostly them asking if complied then putting numbers and compulsory stickers on.


They put snaps on my riding jacket and attached the number bib.


Then cross a stage with a few thousand spectators watching on my way to park ferme. Bike is now parked until the ceremonial start on the 31st, then returned until the official start on the 1st.


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