Chatting with BC 12-27-11

I’m Bill’s friend Mike Warren and I’ll be posting throughout Bill’s DAKAR. It’s cool that Bill can call from time to time to give updates and insights into the race. I’ll pass on this info as I get it

BC called last night from Mar Del Plata. He sounds great, is in good health and spirits, and is ready to go racing.

The truck hauling his bike pulled up as we were talking …. good to know he’s got a bike to swing a leg over.  Too bad the truck did not have a lift gate as his crate was 700+ lbs.  Apparently, they found a lift truck or something to unload the crates, as the pic shows his bike unloaded and uncrated.  Whew!

It appears he has everything he needs to get the bike through tech inspection even if his box of spares and tires is delayed.

He was pleased to have an opportunity to chat with Jonah Street and others in a somewhat relaxing atmosphere.  Tips on navigation and other race issues from experienced DAKAR racers is a real bonus.

Bill indicated that the language barrier is challenging but by employing creative gesturing, pictures, and charades he’s confident he can get by.

I believe he’s picking up the ASO provided navigation electronics today.

That’s all I have for now. Looks good for BC61 DAKAR effort!

2 responses to “Chatting with BC 12-27-11

  • Jason A.

    Very cool, Mike, Thanks You ever going to make a re-appearance at Sandblast? Ready to ride, that is? 😀

    • pops1961

      Hi Jason, I’ll post more when I get back … have to work some out of town this weekend … no laptop. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to you and yours. … and Go King Conger!

      Two kids in college with no loans, paying out of pocket, means no racing for me. However, the Hp2 is better than ever. Had it dyno tuned last weekend after some big intake and exhaust mods. 110hp at the wheel, 82 ft lbs with a nice flat curve. Lovely power characteristics. I love that bike!

      Talk to ya soon. Mike.

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