Made it to Mar del Plata

Jumped in a cab with Jonah and Niles to Mar del Plata.



Stopped at a roadside cantina for lunch



Rolling into MdP


Many traffic circles down the road, each one has some kind of monument in it.



Hung out in front of the house for a few hours waiting to be let in.


House comes with a cool dog. Reminds me of Sam.


Rob and Tim arrive shortly after we are let in.


We’re unloading the truck and the recycling crew stops to pick bottles up.


We are getting settled in so time to find dinner.


2 responses to “Made it to Mar del Plata

  • Tee Dub

    StageHand, I think there is also going to be a short/filtered version of the Dakar thread on ADVrider as well. Imagine both of them will be pinned on top of the racing forum.

    If I see it I’ll put the link on here or pm it to you on ADVrider.

    Go get em Bill!

  • Jason A.

    yah, you must mean the cliff notes thread? yes you are right, I think. I’ve been told it gets loaded up pretty quickly as well, but cant hurt!

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