Hi Everyone, my name is Jason Adams. I’ve known Bill Conger for a few years. The first time I met him was in 2007 and it was because of the International BMW GS Trophy, a motorcycle competition sponsored by BMW, that I was trying out for.  In his position as an instructor with the Performance school, Bill was made a judge tasked with choosing the members of the American team. A team on which there were three spots available, and six of us after them. It is with a great deal of gratitude that I say I made the team and we then went on to win the Trophy so  a case could be made that Bill Conger had a not insignificant part in our success.

After that, we’ve met a few times a year at another mutual interest of ours: Rally racing. If you’ve known Bill, you know he’s been into racing of all kinds for a long time. I’m still fascinated by the tales he tells of ARCA cars, and the spare engines lying in wait in the garage… But Rallye, and now I’ll distinguish Rallye racing with a final e, as opposed to rally without one, which is simply a motorcycle campout, is where we had the good fortune to overlap a bit. There are several events on the East Coast of the US that use the rally format for motorcycles: timed stages of wide open open racing on closed roads. We’ve raced together a few times. Bill is wicked fast, and has won them outright. He’s guaranteed to be on the podium, as long as he can slow down enough in the corners, heh. Going fast is never a problem.

This past year I didnt see him on the entry list of one of our races and when I ask him why, he tells me he’s trying to save money to enter the Dakar Rally, only the biggest and longest, craziest, toughest, most dangerous and prestigious rallye race there is. Its the dream of many, and an adventure for only a few. “A challenge for those who go, a dream for those who stay behind,” is the  quote that embodies the spirit from Theirry Sabine, the organizer of the very first Paris-Dakar Rallye in 1978. A lot of competitors in this event spend their life savings for the dream, and some give more. To even make the starting line in this race is an achievement. To make it to the finish is often pure heroism.

Well, anyway, where I fit into this is: I was excited as hell to hear he was going for it.  I wanted to help any way I could. Bill thought it might be helpful if I could push information from the Main Brain, the Dakar Information Headquarters over at ADVRider to here, and vice versa, since I am interested and follow along like a lot of people follow football. Its like crushing an entire season of football into 14 days. Owing to the fact that this race is not really fashionable yet in the US, there isnt a lot of coverage on the main channels. ADVRider.com has become the defacto nexus of realtime information from riders there, and fans around the world. Here is a thread that encompasses the totality of the Dakar PreEvent Discussion.


If you can follow along, its the fastest way to find out whats happening.  Since its worldwide and realtime, it moves pretty fast, and can be difficult to follow simply because it has huge traffic, but the quality of the traffic can be highly authentic and with the least degrees of separation possible.

Here is Bill’s thread, the one about him specifically, which I’ll be trying to collate here. Over there I’m Stagehand, so you can put a disembodied hand to a random avatar, haha,


If you happen to find anything out, please post it here and we’ll shuffle it there and get the word out.  Mike, Julie and Bill, thanks for the opportunity. I hope this is what you meant!


Go Bill Go!

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  • Grammy

    Jason, thanks for this information and I liked all you had to say about Bill, my son. Your article is very informative and we will go to the sites you mentioned. I am so excited for Billy to have this opportunity, grateful to Julie and all who have helped make this trip happen. Molly

  • Jason A.

    The Pleasure is Mine! I’m very happy to help in any way I can. I know how good it feels to know you have strong support back at home while one is doing something like this, and I know I would want someone to do it for me, so it is my very great privilege to assist. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m humbled!

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