Keeping it cool, part 2.

There are two parts to keeping the engine cool, oil and water. The oil cooler was addressed in part one, now the water. Running in sand dunes really makes the engine work hard. High rpm churning the rear tire through the loose sand and not much ground speed forcing air through the radiators. Opening up the radiator exposure to the air helps get as much air through as possible. Ordinary radiator vents aren’t really needed as usually the competitors aren’t riding in large packs having to deal with roost throwing rocks and mud at the radiators. Often the louvered vents are replaced with a flat wire screen. The down side to flat screens is they can easily be blocked restricting air to the radiators. I took the screen method one step further and created louvers in the screen. The louvers allows max air flow while minimizing the chance of blockage.

Screens mounted on radiators.

Louvers allow airflow even if something blocks the outer portion of the screens.

Maximizing surface are in front allows the most air to pass when the bike is at speed but if it’s slow going, which can easily happen in the dunes, the fan will need to pull air through. The bike comes with one fan, we added a second to give maximum cooling when it will need it the most.

Left side stock fan

Added right side fan.

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