Keeping it cool!

Most new 450cc engines have a small oil capacity, the Husqvarna 449 is no exception. The long stages and high speeds can heat up the engine oil temps resulting in oil break down and possible engine failure. I decided an oil cooler would not only help keep the oil and engine tamps cooler but also increase the oil capacity.

Here’s the plan. Create a bypass where the oil filter is located, run a line to an external filter, through a cooler and then back to the engine through the bypass. Of course there is no bolt on kit…

First was getting the bypass made. I designed the part but my friend Clint and his associate, Bobby, from METCO took care of the most important part of machining the piece. First was making the insert, then clocking it to the three engine blocks before welding the port fittings.

Ports tapped and welded.

Mounted on the bike.

The external filter is a canister that opens up holding a reusable stainless steel filter good to 45 microns.

Filter bracket fabricated and filter mounted.

Oil lines made and plumbed at Brown & Miller Racing solutions.

Lines go to a Setrab oil cooler.

The oil bypass, lines and cooler increased capacity by 70% to  a total of 1.7 liters.


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