Build continued… the gas tank

The rules require the rally bike have a 250 km range plus 20% or approximately 186 miles. The stock 2.5 gallon tank will come up a little short. Once again there are no bolt on kit tanks for the Husqvarna TE 449. Safari Tanks provided a 3.2 gallon tank designed for the BMW G450X.

I have seen pictures of the tank adapted to the 449 but no detail on how it was accomplished. The Safari tank fits over the airbox and that’s about it. So once again we had to fabricate custom mounts.

The tank only made contact with about a quarter inch of the airbox leaving the weight to be carried by the mounts we still needed to fabricate. The tank is about 5/8th’s of an inch above the frame rails, we thought it would be best if the weight sat on the frame and the mounts only kept it in place. No easy way to measure the gap so we got a little creative.  A trip to the toy store, some Play-doh and we’re in businees.

Sandwich it between the tank and frame rails, take some measurements and time for some machining.

The results is a nicely machined Delrin spacer. Thanks Joey!

Next the mounting brackets. The kit brackets mount to the top subframe bolts and the lower frame rail of the BMW. We were able to use the kit bracket with some reshaping, mounting it to the TE subframe pickups required machining new spacers a the Husky frame is considerably more narrow at this point than the BMW frame.

With no frame rail close to the front pickup point we decided to make arms coming up off the bracket that will connect to a cross brace clamped to the internal frame spars. Back to the mill…

The bracket needed to be clearanced for servicing the air filter. There is minimal clearance between the bracket and airbox.

New spars connect the bracket to the kit bracket.

The weight of the gas tank now sits on the frame mounted block and attaches at two points on each side. The tank will need to be removed daily for air filter servicing. To remove all that is necessary is to remove two bolts on each side and the tank lifts right off.

2 responses to “Build continued… the gas tank

  • TW

    Wow! Amazing job Bill and fab team! Just caught up on the blog, and I must say that the bike looks crazy sick. Keep up the great work.

  • goodlett

    @Bill, late comment back on your tank build post so hope that you see this…just ran across postings from the Euro based Bianchi Prata team which is running a TE449 scoot as well…in a discuss with them, came to find out they are running this 30 litre rear/center tank that bolts onto the back of the bike, and replaces the rear subframe:

    Given that the team is a full on wack supported one (Vodafone, KIA, etc), almost guaranteed they have spares galore…you might look them up in case your rear/front tanks have any problems, not to mention they most likely have a ton of other spares…

    Do well!

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