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Not sure when I will have wifi next but I will do my best to update when possible. I have a satellite phone so I hope to periodically call in my progress. Julie, Mike and Jason will try to pull together whatever info they can come up with to keep all informed. Till then, Rally On!

Stage 1 begins early

4:30 wake up so we all make our start time. Spent the evening, resting, preparing the road book and a good dinner. Now time for bed.













Stage 1 Start

Just talked to Bill and his approximate start time is 7:15am Mar del Plata time or 5:15am EST tomorrow morning. ¬†They won’t show anything on tv in the US (Versus/NBC) until Monday morning at 1:30am (prime time!!).

Hopefully there will be some live coverage on one of these Spanish-speaking station links:

UStream C5N



Day 1 Prep

Ted, or Deadly99 (on ADV) is down with Bill, Ned and Jonah in Mar Del Plata. the boys just got back from the start, and Ted got some great pictures ūüėÄ

Going over the road book for Day 1.

ALSO I have just located a great site to follow the results of the race:

Shorts Weather

Bill, Ned and Jonah all wore shorts for the Ceremonial Start. ¬†Here’s a quick pic of Bill in the red jacket.

Win the Crowd

Apparently Bill just wheelied past the news crew on TN :lol


the “Lagarda Simbolica” which I take to mean: Ceremonial Start:


From Bill’s ADV thread:

Early Morning Update

As posted on ADVrider by Bill:

“Easy day today, organize our gear so the guys can load the truck. Organization briefing at 12:45, official competitors group photo then pick up the bikes and off to the ceremonial podium start. Follow up with a parade a long the coast then return to parc ferme. Should get road book sometime during the day.”


The Bike in Parc Ferme

Photo by C Vestal.  from Here:

included so you can see what other kinds of hardware are in attendance.

Eager to Get Started

Just got off the phone with Bill- He sounds very casual! ¬†almost non-plussed, and hanging out at the ranch just waiting for the action to start. Since he’s through technical inspection, all thats left before the 5am Jan 1 start is to make it through the Ceremonial Start, tomorrow. Kind of like Parc Expose, but you get introduced and do a lap. The Argentines take this event seriously, and are out in droves. Bill’s begun the Hydration Fest, where he’ll be drinking at least a liter and a half of water a day. All of the water he will be drinking from now on will have electrolyte supplements in it, as well. The first day will be interesting. As Bill says “I can ride a bike all day long, as long as its interesting. I’m not so sure about several hundred miles of highway Liason on a 450cc bike (rattle rattle rattle.) Well, it will be a decent way to shakedown the bike, and get used to the GPS settings without being under race stage pressure.

Here’s a short quiz to get an idea of how the GPS they gave him is supposed to operate:

And here is a good video of what terrain they can expect:

Misc. Stuff

Spending the day chilling and leisurely organizing the spares.

My tires


Everyone’s tires


All those wheels and tires will be loaded on top of the Rally Pan Am support truck.


Spot anything?


A few shots of the guys finishing up their bikes.





Stock in zip ties? Each bike had a pile under it.